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The Dao of Kym or Zen and the Art Website Maintenance

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate myself and the naming of the Zen package. I think that is rather witty if I do say so myself. From John, I got nary a laugh or a smile, not even a groan or an eye roll. I must up my game. Consider the gauntlet thrown.

But I digress, the purpose of the Zen package is 2 provide one of each of our joystick handles in both the 1/4 and three-sixteenths stem size for a particular organization. Hold on to your knickers, this is where it gets exciting.

It turns out a friend that we have made through these joysticks, works with an independent living type organization and they needed a full library of our joysticks to loan out.

Do you realize how awesome it is that some of the people that might get the most use out of these joysticks could have access to them? I'm sure that somewhere here on this website is our origin story that explains why we started making these joystick handles. The little nob joystick on my chair had fallen off and I was certain that I was doomed to a life of driving around with a pair of channel locks holding onto the stem after I saw the price of the replacement joystick handles. I only possessed the four tools of theTexas

redneck for replacing the handle so my night in shining aluminium foil jumped into action and designed and 3D printed the needed joysticks.

This whole foray into printing the joysticks has really been a blast. two or three of the shapes that we offer are shapes that John worked out with mobility mavens that needed a specific shape to fill a specific need.

I am so tickled right now, not only did the aforementioned friend take in a special needs steampunk octopus ( in a strange accident with a house cat one of the legs was removed), they are now getting the joystick handles into the mitts of those that can really use them!

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