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Better Than Bread

These extensions are not the best thing since sliced bread, they are so much better than bread. Seriously, can you change modes on your chair with bread? Try it,


I'll wait

Having limited use and feeling in my fingers, can make small switches quite the problem. Here I was with a brand new Permobil rehab chair and I was flapping away at the controller, hoping that I would move the switch to change the modes of the controller. Who cares if you can control your computer from your wheelchair controller if you cannot get to that screen! Change the channel on the TV? I'm doing good to change the speed from turtle to rabbit.

I'd lost a switch on my previous chair and replaced it with various shapes

the deciding factor usually being the size and roughness of the shape. Living at the pinnacle of couture fashion style played a role as well. ( quit laughing)


My new chair has all of its original switches, the switches just needed to be bigger. Size does matter folks.

I went to John (whined to John) about my size issues and he came up with a great idea!

Bigger switches!

No matter which joystick I choose, the larger switches ensure that I am able to change modes on the controller.

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