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Here is the Tentacle joystick handle for electric mobility chairs!  Crafted on a 3D printer out of PLA plastic and available in an array of exciting, fun colors.  This handle is a hard plastic; not soft, flexible or squishy.  While not traditional, the shape is still comfortable and flows well with the natural curves of the hand and fingers.

As always, the handle is available to fit either the 1/4" or 3/16" diameter joystick shafts.  You will need to determine which you have before ordering.  To determine the size, simply pull up on your existing handle/grip.  Use a ruler to measure across the top of the shaft to determine the diameter.  If you're still having trouble, or just not sure, please check out the sizing stick

This design wasn't 100% my idea.  In fact the base file I used came from a user on Thingiverse.  I have not been able to locate the original file to give the designer credit.   My version is heavily modified to match my needs, so it won't look exactly the same here.

Installation help - please - do not push or pull on the top portion of the handle. While generally robust, the handle can be broken (especially around the upper portion.) I advise using the lower fat portion for pushing, twisting or pulling on. I cannot provide a warranty for handles broken due to this type of use. During my trials, I have not broken a handle yet so they shouldn't be considered fragile - just use a modicum of good judgement.Once installed, please tighten the TWO set screws at the base of the handle. Even if the handle feels tight like it won't rotate - go ahead and tighten the screws anyway. Over time the plastic can relax and start to spin on the metal shaft. If you didn't tighten the set scews initially, and they were able to vibrate and move around, you will likely find them missing. TIGHTEN THOSE SET SCREWS!! That's why I provided the allen wrench!I do keep a few handles on hand but most are made once you place the order. Each handle takes about 3.5 hours to print then another 3 hours for an annealing process and then a little more time for post-process. In other words, I need a day or two (sometimes 3) to finish handles and ship them, AND keep my day job, LoL!

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