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Ergo Handle

Ergo Handle

The Ergo handle comes from a collaboration of John and a member of the mobility family. A gentleman reached out to John here on the website and they exchanged emails trying to make a good joystick even better.


Taking the basic shape from our incredibly user-friendly T Post and setting it at an angle makes driving your ride basically effortless. The angle of the joystick means no pressure is put on  elbow joints. Cornering and backing up becomes incredibly intuitive as your hand takes over.


The standard size Ergo Handle comfortably fits hands up to 3.5 inches across. 

We have a large size available for those with bigger hands.

To measure, lay a ruler across your hand underneath your fingers at the widest point of the hand.


Most controllers come with either a 3/16" or 1/4" diameter shaft for the handle.  You'll need to measure yours to make sure you order the correct option.


*Rember - measure twice, pay once.


In addition to the handle, you'll receive one allen wrench for tightening the set screw.  Use the wrench gently - over-tightening will strip the plastic threads in the handle.  The set screw won't completely prevent the handle from turning but should prevent accidentally knocking it off.


  • Warranty information

    Each joystick topper is warranteed against defects in workmanship and failure for one year.

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