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Combo pack

Combo pack

Not sure which shape will work best for you? Get the combo pack! The combo pack includes a Curve handle and the T post handle, allowing you to go back and forth until you decide what works best for you. 

The package includes one each of these shapes - the Curve, and the T Post.  Included in the purchase is one Curve, one T Post handle and one allen wrench for the set screw.  These are intended to replace a missing knob, or perhaps is better suited for the user.  This handle was created to fill a need.  Some people lack the dexterity to control their chair in its stock setup and may find these shapes allow better control.   Most chairs come with either a 3/16" or 1/4" diameter joystick shaft.  You'll need to verify which one you have before ordering.  Included is a small set screw (two on the T Post) and a small allen wrench.  Use the wrench to tighten the set screws near the base of the handle.  The set screw won't completely prevent the knob from turning, but should prevent accidentally knocking it off.


We put this package together because it's often difficult to know which shape handle works best for your needs.  While one handle looks perfect, actually using it may reveal problems
 you hadn't anticipated.  Having other options right there to quickly swap out is beneficial for most people.


We normally do both handles in the same color.  Please include a note if you want different colors.

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